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Anime-Esque Cutscenes: Dance Ceremonies by Shatonoa
Anime-Esque Cutscenes: Dance Ceremonies
I know it is a little too early for romantic babies but you're not my dad and you can't tell me what to do
Also i wanted to do cutscenes to practice environment and backgrounds, also a Blue Elvion

Note: I hate how the Red Elvion's neck i drew, its long and mostly disportionate, and Blue Elvion's blazer lacks clothing folds.
but i do like how the background came out, its not perfect, but its ok

Elvion Kids belong to me :iconshatonoa:
Elvions by Shatonoa

A bunch of new characters and a  new race for a new comic i am working on.

Sorry if the picture is kind of shitty.

I came up with the characters about a week ago.. after watching some splatoon gameplay and lookin at some of its fanart. and it inspired me to create my own race.. that is based off the Inklings.

The race is bascially colorful Elves/Demons.. that have specific superhuman abilities or weapons skills. or sometimes they don’t have any..

I will make reference pictures for each character in this picture in the near future

Kenshiro Smashified (SSB4-esque style) by Shatonoa
Kenshiro Smashified (SSB4-esque style)
I was really bored.. and i couldn't come up with anything else, so i came across an art style that  :iconexpluteyoodoot: does where  he draws Nintendo  characters that arent already in Smash in a style of Smash 4, Called Smashified. So i was like, hell, lets dra some characters too see what they look like if they were in smash.
So i decided to draw Kenshiro, from Fist of the North Star.. because i have not drawn him in a long while. I used his Original Anime/ Manga Outfit but more detailed, because i figured i would go with the old design because i grew with it more that i did with Ken's Rage. soo here you go. before you go anywhere, i know Kenshiro has nothing to do with Nintnedo or gaming but. I had that idea of Kenshiro in Smash, for a while now.. its doubtful he is going to be in, but still i had the idea..  If nintendo ever decided to have  4th party characters

credit to :iconexpluteyoodoot: for originating the Smashified style . 
Art by Me

Kenshiro (c) Fist of the North Star/Hokuto No Ken(Tetsuo Hara)
Splatoon Action!! by Shatonoa
Splatoon Action!!
My first Splatoon Fanart. I gotta admit, I love Splatoon, even if i dont have a wii u to play it. mostly because of the Design, not very natural for Nintendo to have this kind  of kind of game design, at least to me.

Splatoon (C) belongs to Nintendo
Moth Eri Chapter 1 Page 17 by Shatonoa
Moth Eri Chapter 1 Page 17
My computer is finally fixed, so i got the chance to finish Page 17, Sorry for the long wait.

Moth Eri and the characters belong to :iconshatonoa:


Quinten Benjamin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Quinten Benjamin a.k.a Shatonoa has loved to draw since childhood and ever since he wanted to share his art to his world... He was once the TheQuintenMan.. but switched account due to him maturing... his absence during the 2013 year was due to his Workstudy distractions and lack of sharing art.. and now this 17-18 year old Staten Islander is back to share the art to different states..
His favorite type of music is Metal, Romance and Video Game Music...

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