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Moth Eri Chapter 1 Cover by Shatonoa
Moth Eri Chapter 1 Cover
Here's the Cover.. and probably the last page that will be post on DA as i am going to make a site specifically for this comic.

say hello to Marlene and Boris, the 2 main protagonists of the series.i

Moth Eri (C) belongs to :iconshatonoa:
Moth Eri Chapter 1 Page  2 by Shatonoa
Moth Eri Chapter 1 Page 2
This page is done for now.. now i can go back to bed.. cover page is coming in Wednesday...

Moth Eri (C)  :iconshatonoa:
The child of the devil.. by Shatonoa
The child of the devil..
i've always wanted to try out the lineless art. so i did...

Gigi belongs to (c) :iconshatonoa:
Hello Everybody... you may be wondering especially those like :iconangelthewingedcat: and   I am literally going to explain my abscence on DA back in 2013 and the past June-now..

Reason 1: I got out of the Internet Social Life for a while to find and make Friends IRL. I felt like ive been on the Internet for too long and its time for me to move on. i

mean... I am still on the internet but not talking to people.. simply ignoring them or just straight out. I dont want to be bothered kind of way.. Unfortunately it kind of

failed I got into a fight with them, they got mad at me because of my anger problems.. they still like me thou.. i just dont talk to them like i used to but i am still friends with

the people i have IRL but this year they graduate and after that they start work.. which simply means i am going to be lonely in the next semester ahead..

Reason 2: I dont want to go back to where i used to be back in 2010.. I used to   be very annoying and i make alot of inappropriate and sexual jokes back on DA to the point that i

was banned from :iconpsipaula4 's chatroom called ILOVEBED i believe i was :iconthequintenman: and that was the biggest mistake i have ever made on DA.. I even lost friends because of that.. but i kept that a secret for too long..

so.. dont worry.  I am not that type of person anymore.. i was like 13 at the time.. and not really good as social skills due to Autism.. 

Reason 3: I lost my Creativity.. back in 2013 to the point that i really didnt feel like  posting stuff on DA, Tumblr or even any other art site in general.. I realized that i

was never going to be consistent without a tablet so i had to wait until Christmas to get one.. so i could draw freely.. unfortunately..the Windows OS was RT and i

couldn't download anything.. but i got a pen tablet in March and i started going back to posting stuff on DA..

I feel truly horrible and hiding all this from you guys immaturely.. especially you :iconangelthewingedcat: i am sorry that i never really talk to you.. im also sorry for keeping all

of that a secret.. i was too scared to just let it out.. i just dont want to lose friends like you.. i dont want to be alone anymore.... 

Edit: had to sort out some miastakes
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Watching: Fist of the North Star
  • Eating: Rice and Beans
Check out and follow  my newest Tumblr account because for some reason. i cant even get to my old one because my old Email account specfically my AOL/AIM account  either got hacked or deleted..  *facepalms for always not getting on my old account remember to follow! or... not. its your decision. this tumblr is kind of crappy, comparing to other tumblr pages. Being the Staten Islander i am..


Quinten Benjamin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Quinten Benjamin a.k.a Shatonoa has loved to draw since childhood and ever since he wanted to share his art to his world... He was once the TheQuintenMan.. but switched account due to him maturing... his absence during the 2013 year was due to his Workstudy distractions and lack of sharing art.. and now this 17-18 year old Staten Islander is back to share the art to different states..
His favorite type of music is Metal, Romance and Video Game Music...

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